If unable to watch at 10am on Sunday mornings, for a later viewing, check the parish website where there will be a direct link available on the 'Welcome' page.
Advice from Linda, our website wizard - because of the frequency of changes currently being made to our St Luke's website, each time you go onto a different page you will need to refresh it - i.e. hold down the Ctrl button and at the same time, press F5.  

The Cathedral will also be livestreaming services this coming weekend. Details to follow.

3.   Holy Week.    It was good to receive a note from the Revd Helen this afternoon with a reflection for today, Monday in Holy Week.   Thank you Helen.   This now also appears on the website. 
But as a way for us to mark Holy Week together, the churchwardens would also like to invite all of you who are able to join with us at 10am on Wednesday in praying the Daily Service for the day which you will find on page 74 of the NZPB.   In this way each of us in our homes can know that we are joining as a parish family in prayer together at this special time.   For those without access to a NZ Prayer Book, a copy of the service is attached.  The collect and readings for Wednesday in Holy Week are set out below.

    Readings:            Isaiah 50:4-9a,  Psalm 70,   Hebrews 12:1-3,  John 13:21-32

    Collect:                Most merciful God,
                                 by the passion of your Son Jesus Christ
                                 you delivered us from the power of darkness;
                                 grant that through faith in him who suffered on the cross
                                 we may be found acceptable in your sight,
                                through our Saviour Jesus Christ.   Amen.


Of course there are plenty of other options available for daily worship.   For those on Facebook we understand The Daily Offices are available and recommended.   Last Thursday a number of the regular attenders at the parish 9.30am Eucharist joined together at 9.30 as individuals in our own homes and prayed Morning Worship (pg 35) from NZPB together.   All felt it was a good exercise and we will continue doing so until such time as can meet together again.  Anyone interested is invited to join us.   Just let one of us know so we can send you the readings, collects, suggested intercessions etc  beforehand.


4.    Needing any Help?    Please be assured that each of us is being held in prayer, and is on someone's  'keep in touch' list.  We also know that where possible folk are doing what they can for each other.  But when it comes to practical things like getting shopping, walking a pet, posting a parcel or letter, dropping something off, The Student Volunteer Army are geared up to help us all.  If you need such assistance please call 0800 005 902, and talk to one of their team in their call centre between 9am and 5 pm.

5.    A Warning.... Just a heads-up about a rather well crafted spam/phishing email that's doing the rounds at present. It claims to be from the NZTA telling you that your rego is due for renewal, but doesn't include any details about the car in question (which it should). Instead it says:  "Your VEHICLE's licence (rego) will expire soon." <- Note the lack of it saying what kind of car, or what rego.
It's a spam, trying to get people's credit card details etc. But unlike most, it's very well written, doesn't have spelling errors etc. Took me a few minutes of being suspicious and looking at it before I checked the NZTA website and found their warning about this email going around. I figure it's useful to get word around to family and friends etc because this one's likely to catch a few people.  (Sent to Alan from his son, David.)


6.   Congratulations to Jim and Francie Conolly who are celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary today.   Lots of love from us all.


Let us journey together this Holy Week, holding each other in prayer.


Alan and Jenny


In the words of our Bishop...
"We believe in a God of hope and God never changes.
May God be discovered in new ways as we respond to this global crisis."


At 7pm local time every Sunday that worship services are suspended, please light a candle in your home and pray for others.

Please remember to make use of the St Luke's website during this period of continuing change.  As well as keeping you informed by email, we will keep the website up-to-date with what's happening in the life of the parish.

Weekly Newsletter

Letter from our Priest in Charge - Helen Roud: 02 April 2020
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From Sunday 29 March onwards Dean Lawrence will be leading a livestreamed service of worship. Livestreaming of the Sunday 10am services in the Transitional Cathedral is available to all parishioners unable to access a local livestreaming of worship and devotional material led by vicars.  You can do this by copying the link below into your web browser

Palm Sunday Sung Eucharist 05 April 2020 at 10.00am



A Message From Countdown

As New Zealand adjusts to life under Covid-19 Level 4 alert, we wanted to update you on our supermarkets and online shopping services. We're still experiencing unprecedented demand for online shopping, which means some of our most vulnerable and at risk New Zealanders are often unable to order the essential food and groceries they need at this challenging time.


To help, we've introduced Countdown's Priority Assistance service which prioritises those people who are 70 years old or older, who are immune-compromised, have chronic illnesses or have a disability which makes it difficult to get to our stores.

We're expecting high demand for Priority Assistance. While we cannot guarantee availability of delivery slots for these customers, our team is doing its best to scale up and increase delivery times as much as possible, so please bear with us.

To help free up online shopping for those who most need it, we'd encourage any customers who can shop in our stores to do so. We're open right through the lockdown.



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