Message from Peter Beck

Saturday 27 June 2020


This Sunday we have our Annual General Meeting. It has been a mixed bag of a year as we have explored a joint building project with the The Anglican Centre [the diocesan administrative headquarters] on the St Luke’s site. After a huge amount of effort it became clear on both sides that this was  not going to work. In the meantime we had settled at the Retreat House of the Community of the Sacred Name. About a month ago the wardens and I had an amazing and grace-filled conversation with Mother Alena and Sister Keleni. The outcome of this is that for at least the next year we will using the Retreat House as our home as we explore with the sisters how we might work together from here in shared mission and ministry. We have so much in common.


So in  view of this, the AGM is our first chance as a parish family to talk about our hopes and aspirations for our future. Please come if you possibly can to bring your thoughts, ideas and dreams.


This Sunday we will be celebrating St Peter’s Day at the 9.30am Parish Eucharist.


Dear Peter, this impetuous, passionate man, utterly devoted to Jesus, and so fallible. And yet Jesus gives  Simon the name ‘Peter’ which means ‘Rock’. The Rock who denies his Lord is to be the foundation on which Christ will build his new community! And he is more like shifting sand. Yet as Jesus has said elsewhere – ‘the wise man builds his house upon the rock, firm foundations’. How come fallible, weak Peter, then? How come me? How come you? Well it seems that Simon the rock has more to him than he knows, for God knows him through and through, and trusts him, warts and all. It seems that we too have more about us than we know too, for God trusts me and you too.


I am overwhelmed by this, and I am comforted and reassured. We weak, silly, fallible people are the rock on which Christ is actively building his new community. With all our faults and failings, the hurts we do to one another, the pain we inflict upon one another, God’s trusts in us, God’s love for us, and God’s faith that in and through his love we will come through, the whole creation will come through to fullness of life and peace, is rock solid. And there are the moments aren’t there when we do rise to the occasion, when we see in ourselves and more probably in others, God at work, God being brave, God standing for all that is just and of peace? And in those moments we know ourselves as we truly are – made in God’s image.


Next week as usual there will be a celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Wednesday at 10am and Thursday at 9.30. Barbara McCartney and I will be taking communion to folk at Resthaven on Thursday afternoon.


My dear brothers and sisters, let us pray for one another   

St Luke's Parish Prayer

O Living and Life-Giving God,
your blessed witness Luke the Evangelist
has inspired generations of your faithful people
to work for the gospel in this part of our city.
So guide us by your Spirit:
give us a thirst for your truth,
a passion for your justice,
a strength in our witness,
and a firm hope in the future you open before us;
that we may celebrate with joy
the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, 
your Son, our Lord.