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Welcome to St Luke’s in the City Anglican Church

Yep, we’re still in Level 2 so at the 9.30am Parish Eucharist on Sunday we will continue to practice safe distancing, receive communion only in one kind and there will be no morning tea. These restrictions are not impeding our ability to be a community worshipping together and catching up with one  another [safely] after our service. Understandably, some of us are preferring to keep safe in their bubble, and while not physically present are sharing in worship. Let us hold one another in prayer and in our prayer for the whole world as we strive with this pandemic.

05 September 2020

Our Gospel for this Sunday is from Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 18.15-20


Today Jesus says, ‘If another member of the church sins against you, go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone.’


Well it is pretty hard confronting someone who's really grieved you. Especially when it’s someone you know well. It's so much easier for us to take our grievance to someone else, to talk about it to anyone else who will listen! Anyone else that is, except the one we ought to. But this is what this gospel is all about. It's about how we should behave if we are indeed going to call ourselves members of God's family. Bottom line: we should look after one another and be honest with one another.


But  that's not as easy as it sounds, and we know this. We often fail, even in the best of circumstances or more accurately, in what we know should be the best of circumstances. Gossip happens and people are wronged in many different ways. We all make poor choices at times. We're human; life here will never be perfect.


So this gospel is also about reconciliation and forgiveness. And when Jesus says treat someone you cannot be reconciled with like a Gentile or a tax collector, before we condemn and reject them as would by the Jewish way at the time, remember how Jesus dealt with these social outcasts. He rejected no one. So, evidently, we can't put limits to our forgiveness either. Reconciliation means the door to forgiveness has to stay open.


So, what do we take home Sunday? If we want our life as a church to grow, we need to work constantly on how we behave. Others must see us care for each other. They should hear us speak kindly of one another and they should see us forgive and ask forgiveness..


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St Luke’s in the City, has been worshipping as a community and serving the people of Christchurch since 1859.


Inspired by our patron, Luke the Evangelist - who proclaimed the inclusive and loving hospitality of Christ – we provide a place for peace, prayer and contemplation and welcome everyone into our community, regardless of colour, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other distinction.


St Luke's in the City offers regular liturgy and worship, a spirituality centre and an outreach programme to help members of the community in times of need.


St Luke’s is a place of stillness and peace, a place of prayer and contemplation for all. Life at St Luke’s is grounded in the proclamation of the Word, the celebration of the Sacraments, and caring companionship with each other.


St Luke’s in the City is a gathered community of seekers and searchers for:


  • A contemplative Anglo-Catholic style of worship
  • A Eucharistic focus, sense of the mystical and transcendent
  • A sense of belonging to a Christ-centred family of faith
  • A particular understanding of outreach to the wider community
  • A desire to grow spiritually


The integrity and centrality of this worship life supports and anchors other expressions of mission and ministry in the parish.


St Luke’s is mostly an age/experience group in the second half of life that, no longer involved in establishing a place in society, can reflect on life. It is eucharistically grounded, acknowledges and values the importance of sacred space, welcomes a modern, relaxed and reverent approach to liturgy and ministry, good scholarship, collaborative leadership and inclusiveness.


St Luke’s in the City is for:

  • Searchers after spiritual truth, seekers who are open to a living spirituality
  • Those engaged in various parts of the church who are looking for spiritual nurture and development
  • Those on the edge of the church who are looking for a spirituality sufficiently open to the Spirit breathing through their own experience
  • Those looking for a way, for spiritual practice, rather than doctrinal information or church membership

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